The 360 Executive Masterclass


Course Outline

There is compelling evidence that organizations that embrace diversity in senior management roles experience improved productivity, yet the
proportion of women in key leadership roles globally remains below expectation. Women face cultural and systemic hurdles when progressing into senior leadership positions. These hurdles can be overcome through learnings from a practical perspective that can be shared by women who have walked the path of leadership and are willing to share their own experiences to empower other women in their own journey .

This is a highly interactive one – day course designed to equip women who are already technically skilled with the additional practical knowledge that would enhance their ability to be successful at the highest level.

The course addresses the unique challenges that female executives encounter and is designed to strengthen participants’ leadership capabilities, decision-making, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, team leadership, and consensus-building, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Additionally, it creates a network of senior women leaders who are able to support one another as they aim for the top. The course inspires as well as equips participants to win on all fronts without losing sight of the societal context.

Who Should Attend:

This Course Is Suitable For:

A. Female C-Suite Executives and Senior Management Staff in large corporates and multinationals.
B. Senior Management Staff in public and private sector organizations.
C. Female Entrepreneurs that meet the following criteria:

i. The company must have a board.
ii. Annual turnover of a minimum of 750 million NGN.
iii. Staff strength of 35 – 50 workers, inclusive of a reasonable number of senior management staff.
iv. A company with proper structure.

Delegates Will Receive:

Minimum of 8 (Eight) guided learning hours (GLH), from an experienced and globally sought-after facilitator.

Learning Objectives:

The key objectives of this course are:

  • Heightened self-awareness and improved self-regulation.
  • Participants would be able to clarify their goals and develop practical strategies to achieve these goals.
  • An understanding of how to navigate business/career successfully.
  • Participants would learn to influence others through understanding basic human needs.
  • Gain a strong, supportive network of peers.
  • Address real challenges and get practical advice on advancing your career/business.
  • An understanding on how to navigate male-dominated workplaces/businesses.
  • The value of emotional intelligence for executives in the digital age.
  • Information management – Confidentiality
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome.
  • Participants would learn to create work-life balance.
  • Participants would learn to manage conflicts in the workplace.
  • To educate participants on the importance of building sustainable relationships.
  • How to deal with anxiety, failure or loss and establishing value systems.

About the Facilitator:

Ibukun Awosika has over 32 years combined entrepreneurial and high-level corporate experience cutting across various industries in different parts of the world. She has had remarkable opportunities of learning firsthand unwritten codes which she has practiced deliberately to achieve the results that are visible to all. Her proven track records will in no small measure set participants up for an intentional journey towards success.