The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika

 The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika

The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika was established out of a desire to influence change by empowering young men and women to live whole, purposeful and balanced lives that enhance the building of a better society. The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika is actively trying to influence the mindset of young people and the development of their personal value systems. Our core belief is that when an individual is impacted, the direct impact on family units, corporations/organizations and relationships are invaluable. This will in turn impact the nation and world at large.

Since its inception in June 2019, the Life Series has held over 10 physical and virtual events, including an international edition and a campus edition, with over 6000 people impacted directly, and numerous others impacted by the ‘Pay it Forward’ initiative we encourage participants to adopt.

Target Demographic:

The target audience for the Life Series is young people (between the ages of 25 -45), young professionals, aspiring & existing entrepreneurs across a wide variety of sectors (profit and not-for-profit, private, social and public sector, etc) from diverse socio-economic and religious backgrounds. The diversity of participants provides an excellent opportunity for them to build new profitable relationships and expand their personal and professional networks.

Program Design:

The quarterly sessions are designed to be gender-specific, while the annual conference held in Nigeria and the international events are blended to cover male and female participants. On average, the quarterly events host about 200 participants, while the annual conferences cater to between 1000 and 1500 participants across 10+ nations of the world.  The annual conferences, aptly tagged The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika and Friends, typically feature a wide array of speakers and facilitators who are distinguished in their various fields and role models for integrity and patriotism. There is also a mentoring segment at the annual conferences which participants love and eagerly look forward to.

Topics covered during the sessions include painting a vision of the future, designing a strategy to achieve that desired future, understanding value systems, dealing with anxiety, reframing failure, thriving in non-diverse environments, building valuable connections and much more.

Post-event, participants are invited to be part of a 7-week accountability program to ensure that learnings are reinforced, which increase the chances of implementation. This accountability program is one of the critical elements that distinguishes The Life Series with Ibukun Awosika. Participants deepen their understanding of the concepts shared and are provided with the opportunity to truly reflect on their own journeys and chart a different course going forward. Being held accountable through weekly assignments and group conversations ensures that they actually do the work and reap the benefits of introspection, all with the support of fellow participants who are keen to design and live a better life.

Program Delivery:

Each Life Series event is aimed at facilitating authentic conversations around personal growth and professional/business growth. Participants can listen and ask questions in a no-holds-barred way within a safe and discreet atmosphere. Mrs. Awosika shares essential life skills from her personal experience and learning and answers all questions raised by participants in a personalized/customized manner.


We believe in continuous improvement, so we always seek feedback from all participants. Feedback from participants across all Life Series events since inception has been consistent. More than 94% of responding participants find the sessions to be both valuable (relative to the investment made) and practical. Over 90% of respondents report that they immediately implement their learnings from the sessions, while over 95% of respondents will recommend Life Series to other people in their networks and spheres of influence.